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Our goal is to bring access technology awareness. Specifically, technologies that can be used without a screen.

VIBES Number 2: The Screenless Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season to give, and we at Screenless Allies have a few suggestions on some good, and inclusive gifts you can gift a friend who is blind or visually impaired! Read on to find out some ideas ranging from economical, to, “Wah! My wallet!”

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VIBES Number 1: Hollywood Versus Reality

We present to you here, the most common assumptions that people make about the blind. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK, since some content may not be suitable for the lighthearted reader.

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Atechability Number 11: Hello, I’m Screen Reader, Your Virtual Assistant

“Wait! You’re telling me blind people use screen readers instead of those built-in virtual assistants that are found everywhere?” That’s right! in this article, we will discuss the differences and use cases between screen readers and virtual assistants! Read on to learn more!

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Introduction to VIBES

Read on for more information about this exciting new section of Screenless Allies, where we may hurt some feelings, but will prove many stereotypes wrong about blindness and visual impairments!

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Atechability Number 10: Surfin Web

Everybody knows that the web is the world wide resource! You thought I’d say the “Bird is the word, right?” Well, WRONG! Want to learn how to navigate the web with a screen reader much more easily and efficiently, rather than just using the “Arrow” keys all the time? This article will cover the basics of single letter web navigation! Read on to find out more information about navigating the web like a pro!

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