Welcome Post

Welcome to Screenless Allies, a site dedicated to giving technology demonstrations on many tasks through videos and blog posts. We also hope to entertain along the way! This site is run by 3 people who will provide you with this content. You can see the about page for more information about these individuals. However, from time to time, you may see a contribution from outsiders. Who knows? Check back often, and we will have something that may satisfy your brain with information/entertainment!

Why “Screenless Allies?”

The screenless part, is because the three of us are totally blind. “I’m getting outa here! I’m scared they will mess something up!” Don’t worry, we have experience with many kinds of technology, and it keeps expanding every day. We do not need screens to operate technology! Only speech and/or braille output. We hope we can show you all we know through this site. The allies? Because the three of us are good friends. We all originally had a former broadcasting project, but due to personal obligations, we discontinued it after five years. We decided to make a return as Screenless Allies, because here, we have more freedom to put out more improved content for you all.


Thanks to my good friends Edgar and Kelcey for joining me on this adventure! Thanks also to the people that contribute information in the future. Also, to the people that encouraged us in one way or another to go on this adventure, we appreciate you as well, and we hope to not disappoint you. Most importantly, Thank YOU, the viewers, for stopping by to see what we have to offer.

Enjoy your stay!