Atechability Reviews

Introduction to Atechability Reviews

Introducing, our new section of our site! Atechability RReviews! Read on for more information on this section!


Welcome to this section of Atechability, where we will review the latest and greatest technology! Whether it is assistive technology, (special technology for people with disabilities), or mainstream technology that everyone has, we will review it! Read on to see how the reviews will be written and what to expect.

Why Reviews?

Many technology companies claim they have the, “BEST PRODUCT EVER!” I understand it is publicity, but there is something that has not been told often to many people. Many companies pay reviewers to write a positive review, even though the reviewers may not like it. Here at Screenless Allies, even if we get paid to review, you have our word, that reviews will be HONEST, and NON-BIAS.


In the Overview section, we will discuss what the product is and what it does, and a little bit about who made the product in question, if applicable. If the company was mentioned before in ANY review, we will skip the company’s description the time after that. You do not need to read who Apple is, three thousand times each post. Pricing of the product will also go here.

Product Descriptions

Here, the review will have a physical description of hardware products we cover. If it is software, instead of a description, there will be a basic summary of what you are able to do with it.

Product Usage

From time to time, there will be mini guides on how to use the product in question to get the user up and running right away, if they wish to learn a little more about the product. This can vary in length from basic, to even more advanced. We hope you have time to read!

The good and bad

This section will be dedicated to looking at the pro’s and cons of the product in question. It serves as another guide before the user goes to buy it. We will try to be as detailed as possible.

Rating and final thoughts

This is the part where the curtain is about to rise, and the reviewers are about to go back to get ready to review another product! However, we have to give a rating and final thoughts first. The rating scale is from 1 (HORRIBLE, get this product out of my face, and don’t recommend purchasing it) to 5, (EXCELLENT!” Then, we will give a summary of the product plus the final thoughts. Remember, these reviews will be NON-BIAS. The opinions do not have to match what others may think of the product.

Have Review Suggestions?

Would you like us to review a product you think may be useful whether it is to entertain, or help with productivity? Drop us an email! We are open to suggestions, and we will try our best to locate and review the product in question! Please keep in mind, we can reject review ideas. This is not because we do not want to review the product, it may be because of the products’ usability, or the difficulty for obtaining it. Regardless, we are looking forward to hearing from you with suggestions soon! Who knows? Your idea may be on this page! Thank you again for visiting the Atechability Reviews page! Check back often for more content!