About ScreenlessAllies

So, you want to know a little more about each of us at Screenless Allies, eh? You have come to the right place! Below, you will see a little about each person, so you, the viewers can get to know all of us better!

About Edgar

Hello. I am a completely blind accessibility consultant/advocate, software developer, language enthusiast, and amateur musician. I became blind a few months after my birth. I therefore have experience advocating for accessibility, and have experience with screenless technologies for as long as I have been alive. My role on this website is to primarily manage the underlying technology powering the site and ensuring the website stays up. Perhaps I will occasionally make appearances on videos or published blog posts about accessibility, games, service reviews, and of course, screenless technologies!

About Jose

I really enjoy reading/playing with the latest and greatest in technology. I have been fortunate to do presentations on blindness and technology at my former community junior college annually since the year 2014. I was also fortunate to present to healthcare professionals, and teachers in the disability field a few times, and I am looking forward to presenting to this population a little more often. I also enjoy broadcasting, and playing games. Mind you, I do not consider myself a “Hardcore” gamer, but I enjoy playing every now and again. I am also a hobbyiest musician as a keyboard player. I am enthusiastic that you came to visit Screenless Allies, and I am looking forward to bringing you more information and entertainment!

About Kelcey

Hi! I’m Kelcey! I am so glad that you chose to visit us here at Screenless Allies! I am completely blind and have been since birth. I enjoy reading about and using different pieces of technology and love to learn about the latest and greatest! I have a guide dog named Maui who is about to retire which means I will be going for a new dog soon. I do get to keep Maui however which is amazing! I love to sing and have been in Choirs throughout Junior High and High School. I love to read and I enjoy playing games though I don’t do it as much as I used to. I enjoy learning new things and am always up for good conversation. I’ve done some broadcasting for an internet radio show and enjoyed it immensely! I look forward to bringing you information on technology as well as entertainment!